The new sport of foil surfing makes riding any ocean swell exciting. I am now building custom prone surfing foil boards as well as SUP foil boards. My foil boards are designed with plenty of volume and a lower rocker line to paddle extremely well. The added area throughout the outline also gives this design incredible paddling power. The slight “kick” in the nose rocker helps when transitioning back to the water. The flat deck gives the rider complete control with every input being translated directly into the board and foil. Custom foil surfboards and SUP can be made with either plate mount or Tuttle Box. Construction is done with EPS cores, high density reinforcements and epoxy laminations. The most popular prone sizes are 5’4” x 20.5”, 5’6” x 20.5”, 5’8” x 20.5”, 5’11” x 21.5”

More Models Coming Soon………

JohnO Foil Prone or SUP……………………. More info shortly