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Check out some of the people who ride my boards

Thank you to all my customers who ride and give me feedback on my boards. Your feedback is key to my success in designing cutting edge boards.

alexis redelsperger Alexis, Mauritius










 Ahmed, Mauritius










 Alistar, Indonesia

Arnim_Smack1 copy




 Arnim, German world traveler 



















Brian @ Cali Kites, San Francisco California



 Carlos, Spain









Chucky Z, Mexico









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How to get started on your new custom board

CONTACT….. A normal custom board order starts with an e-mail or phone call to me. If you already have an idea of what you want I can translate that design into your new board. If you are not sure what you need we can discuss your physical size, ability, riding style, etc……. I have built a very wide range of boards for a very wide range of riders, this allows me to understand your needs and design a board that will fit you perfectly.

DESIGN….. After determining the best design for you comes designingI design all custom boards on CAD (Computer Aided Design). This design program allow me to design your board within a fraction of an inch (or millimeter) with complete accuracy. I can then archive your design for future replication or modification. Every aspect of the board design (rocker lines, outlines, concave, thickness flows, rail shapes) can be manipulated and modified.

Viewing our CAD design in 3D allows for a virtual view of the shape.

CNC MACHINING….. Once your design is finished I machine your new board on my personal CNC machine. I built this machine a few years ago, it has been a huge asset to the development of my designs. Having it in house I am able to build a new idea, go out and test, and come back to refine that idea without any time delays. Another benefit is I can mill a design and if I am not satisfied I can re-design and mill again on the spot, no delays.





HAND SHAPING….. After your new board has been milled it enters my shaping room. Here I fine tune and finish your board. I have been hand shaping since I was 15 years old (A very long time ago) and this hand shaping experience has given me the ability to visually  assess all aspects of a design such as symmetry, esthetics, and (most importantly) functionality.

JRA Shaping






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Check out the video that inspires here!

Derek Hynd.

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Finless Revolution

New for 2012! Finless Revolution

I am not one for gimmicks and BS in board design. I base all of my board designs on proven performance. With that said, I am blown away and inspired by what I have seen from a surfer named Derek Hynd riding a finless surfboard at J-Bay in South Africa! You must check out this footage. This is some of the most revolutionary surfing of our time. I have recently started developing a finless board for kite surfing. These designs are not for the traditionalist but for the kiter who wants to explore new ways of riding waves. These designs are also very good light wind boards. I am still working in the prototype stages for this design and will continue to update my progress.

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2004 Frill Queen Big Air Pro

2004 Frill Queen Big Air Pro

The 2004 Frill Queen Pro was held on May 1-4 at Omaezaki Beach in Japan. Judging criteria was based on overall impression including wave riding, technical tricks, big air, and style. Competition included some of the top pro international riders as well as great local pro talent. Day 1 started with a light off shore wind and perfect head high barrels. Many of the competitors took advantage of the fun sand bar surf and went surfing. By 3pm the wind came around on a port tack and a dozen heats were run in 12-15 knot winds and small high tide waves. The real action came on day 4 with 25- 30 knot winds and solid surf. Competitors and equipment were put to the test as the conditions were very gusty and very strong. Big air and radical wave riding with huge wipe outs made for non stop excitement. In the end it came down to a two man final with Moehau Goold and John Amundson. Loosing to Moehau earlier in double elimination, John had to beat Moehau in two separate final heats. The first final heat saw Moehau pulling huge handle passes and John taking it to the air with huge board off’s. At the end of the first final heat John came out on top. In the final heat Both Moehau and John gave everything they had for a very exciting final. With both competitors giving a near perfect performance and 10 seconds left in the heat both competitors knew they had to go for something huge. Moehau threw a huge handle pass ending in disaster and a smashed kite. John threw a high toe side board off, landed it, and his event jersey flipped over his head and lights out. The heat ended with both competitors giving it their all and both competitors gave the crowd at Omaezaki two great wipe outs to finish the 2004 Frill Queen Pro.

Final Results
John Amundson- Oahu – 1st
Moehau Goold- Maui – 2nd
Greg Drexler – Maui – 3rd
Elliot Leboe – Maui – 4th
Tomo Murabayashi – Japan- 5th